Customer Success + Operations | Speaker + Startup Advisor
Brianna ran Operations and Customer Success from Seed through Series B and built a international team of over 800+ people in sales development, HR, project management, and engineering. She's advised over 500 companies on their sales, marketing, and success strategy, and served 700+ clients, while growing 60x over 4 years.

She's currently working with early stage startups on their customer success and support operations: hiring, role definition, customer journey, customer segmentation, onboarding and implementation, and customer feedback loops.


I've worked with teams in the United States and internationally, including: Turkey, Mexico, Singapore, Oman, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Colombia, Peru, the U.A.E., Germany, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Canada.

Feedback from Startups

"I learned the importance of having someone focus on revenue and customer happiness to create long term revenue."

"Would like to thank Brianna for her active listening and sincere support. She gave us useful advice about users interviews and communication."

"This helped me in understanding that sales doesn't just end once you have got the money into your account. She broke down each process very clearly."

"Thanks for all the advice. You are very helpful!! We want to implement your ideas right now!!!"

International Work

I've collaborated with the World Bank in Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, and Pakistan to bring work to underemployed regions.

I've built teams with people in over 40 countries.

From My Teams

"I enjoy the feeling of belonging to a family"

" the growth culture and constant improvement. I'm also thrilled by the quality of work by the community."

"...a community of leaders and not bosses!"

"I don't know how, but you managed to put ALL the good people together. And I thank you for that"

"I love the people. The connections I have made are so amazing. They have helped me build my confidence."

Speaking Engagements and Workshops
Make Your First Customers Your Best Customers With Customer Success
First impressions, onboarding, mapping accounts, and resolving challenges.
How to Define Your Ideal Customer Profile
Use your existing customers to determine what success looks like and how to target similar personas.
Creating Your Customer Journey
How to think about planned and unplanned touchpoints, and how to engage with your customer at each.
Building a Remote Team That Scales
How to find, interview, and retain a remote team. Growth plans and delegating responsibilities.
Retaining and Growing Your Customer Base
Use account mapping and customer touchpoints to advise your customers and guide towards success.
Building Team Culture With Distributed Teams
Communication, meetings, and growing a team that needs to work differently.
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